Do not let ants be a guest in your home.

Do not let ants be a guest in your home.

Get rid of your ant problem today by letting Heritage Home Inspector's professional provide an inspection.

Ants are a social insect that lives in colonies. Just spraying an ant with a typical ant spray, particularly a repellent spray will only kill a few at best and scatter the colony. Carpenter ant nests are usually located in areas where there is moisture-damaged wood and other household ants can nest just about anywhere in and around the house (in lawns, walls, stumps, and under foundations). Allow a pest control expert from Heritage Home Inspectors come and eliminate your ant infestation.

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Once ants find food, they leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. So, where you see a few, there is a large chance more ants are on their way. In addition, ants can lay up to 800 eggs in a day, but Heritage Home Inspectors can provide the best pest protection that is specifically tailored to your ant control needs, through identification of ant and extermination.

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